Pierre Boulat



On June 6, 1944, the costs of french Normandy were to be the stage of a fantastic event, unprecedent in whole human history : while British and US bombers were pounding the back of the country with thousands of tonns of bombs, and while paratroops were beeing landed on the two wings of the assault area, a numerous armada made of more than 5000 navel unities –crusers, armoured ships, destroyers, unloading barges…- carrying on their decks 200 000 man, was making its way towards the French shore.

At 6.00 am, as the day was beaking, the first men dashed off to the beaches, welcome by the fire of the ennemy who had built all along the shore a long defensive rampart.
Overload operation was launched.

For most of the men it was the first fire experience : they were moving under the thunder rumbling of explosions, admist the shower of fire and sand, the mined piles, the broken skeletons and the dead bodies. For all the distance between the sea and the supporting wall of the jetties has been a frightening moment of infernal eternity. It took them a superhuman courage to open the freedom way which would lead them to the Elba River.