Alexandra Boulat



Portraits and stories of Women in the Middle East  -Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank.

The aim of this project is to un veil the Muslim Women society in this part of the world currently under great political and economical struggle, till war in Iraq, Gaza and Afghanistan.  It is a journey through Islam, fundamentalism,  war, domestic violence, education and youth..

War victims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, hold own by revolutionary and religious institutions in Iran, few women are inclined to embrace Western influence. In each country they are strictly condemned by  laws or by moral for trying to escape Family code and drastic traditions. In this part of the world family and honor are to be first and only rule.

Each woman who accepted my camera with grace or naivety or often with the approval of a men has her own story to tell. From refugee, pilgrim, suicide bomber, teen age to Oriental baby dolls they tell about their condition, their rituals, their habits, their angers and their joys.