Alexandra Boulat

Muslims in Europe


The demographics of Western Europe are being turned upside. More than 13 million Muslims are now living in Europe and Islam is the continent’s fastest growing religion.
According to historian Niall Ferguson if the current population trend continues Europe could be predominantly Muslim in fifty years.

This change is affecting nearly every country on the continent to different degrees and in a variety of ways: In Great Britain the muslims see themselves first and foremost as Brits; in Germany the Turks, who are not accepted as nationals and are regarded as “guest workers”, build a separated culture; in France, they appear like a parallel society in the sprawling suburbs of main cities.

This population is disproportionately young, male, and unemployed. The societes these people have left are typically poor, religious, conservative, and dictatorial; the ones they enter are rich, secular, liberal, and free. For some this change is invigorating but for many it is a prison of alienation.