Pierre Boulat

The Blazeks, a Czechoslovakian family


Frantisek Blazek  40,  his wife,Jarosalva (Jarka) 33, and their daughter Petrra, 3, live on the hillside above Prague in a two-room apartment in a four-story apartment house he and 28 other men built with state financing.

Frantizek is foreman in a printing plant where he has worked 17 years and bosses a crew of 90. He has some chance of promoting to executive ranks despite having missed a higher education when war closed the universities, Jarka, works too, part time in a Vodka distillery and part time as a sales woman in a sports shop. She believes that women « were meant for other things beside the kitchen sink. »

Life of the Blazek is not dull gray round. Their home is pleasantly furnished. They dine out in the evenings, with friends and in summer spend their weekend on a houseboat they built.

Prague 1966