Pierre Boulat

Christopher Columbus


On Friday, october 12, 1492, in the first light of dawn trhee caravels, Santa Maria, ¨Pinta and Nina, anchored at the foot of the big rock which his the Island of San Salvador, at San Fernando bay in the Bahamas. On the white sand beach, a handful of native naked and unarmed were pointing with their finger “the houses on the water” and watched, stunned, the group of men who had just arrived, waving banners, wearing big hats with feathers and pretend protected by “turtle shells”.

After 36 days through the unknown ocean, fro september 6 until september 12, the europeans, headed by Christopher Columbus, had discover America and the event, described by De Las Casas, was nothing less than the meeting of two workds : the old and the new. During thousands of years, millions of men had lived, ignoring other millions of men existed on the same world and a hudge continent stretched between two oceans also unknown.