Pierre Boulat

Mehdi Ben Barka


El Mehdi Ben Barka El Mehdi Ben Barka was a Moroccan politician, a leading Socialist opponent to the king Hassan II. One of the founders of the Istiqlal, which played a major role in the independence of Morocco,.As too conservative party, he caused in 1959 a split and founded the UNFP (National Union of Popular Forces) main left party opposed to the royal diet. It was at this time that Life Magazine asked Pierre Boulat to realize a portrait of him.
Sentenced to death in absentia for conspiracy and assassination attempt against King March 14, 1964, Mehdi Ben Barka was exiled and became the “Salesman of the revolution.” It attempts to unite the revolutionary movements in the Third World for the Tricontinental Conference in Havana planed for January 1966. This revolutionary fervor earned him to be kidnapped in Paris October 26, 1965, probably by the Moroccan and French political powers.
50 years later, his body has not been found and the truth about never revealed below its removal.