Pierre Boulat

The Kerbirios, a passion for independance


Jean Kerbirio, cabinetmarker and realist, in Fontenay-aux-Roses, a southern suburb of Pairs, has achieved at 34 the average French man’s ambition and has his own business and 3 employees. He has no doubts about the major dimenson of his life – family solidarity, a strict Breton nationality and a fierce independance. Stocky, taciturn Jean cherishes his wid-over father, Louis, and is undemonstratively devoted to his pretty wife Paulette, 32, and their lively children Alain, 10, and Isavelle, 8.  The five of them live, crambed in 3 rented rooms and a cluttered shop from which they escape in the countryside when they can in Jean’s Citroën camionette.Jean and Paulette work longhours, pour most of their profit into their business and relish a few carrefully choosen comforts. Jean dreams of a house and a garden of their own for himself and his family, though he wryle realizes that he may suceed only after his children are grown and gone.